Paleta -- Python All-purpose Log ExporT Application (better suggestion are welcome) -- is a personal log program written in Python for the GNOME desktop.

You can, for example, store your daily activities as log entries and later export them as HTML pages to keep a web log on your web site. [more details]


PyGTK 2.0 on win32
 @960 - 21.07.02
Here's a screenshot showing the pygtk2.0 port of Paleta running on Windows. I'm not sure if it'll run on WindowsXP, though. But it runs fine on Windows 98 so far. Sadly, the stand-alone win32 build came out to be 9MB since it needs all sorts of libs.

Never mind
 @195 - 12.07.02
Forget that last post. I'll be sticking to GTK+. The API for GTK+ 2.0 is nice and clean. Plus the advantages of Glade are hard to let go of. While porting I'll try to stick to pure pygtk so it's more likely that people can get this app running on win32 and MacOS X. I'm not sure if GNOME apps would work unmodified in other platforms but I hear GTK+ 2.0 should atleast eventualy work, as well as use the native widgets in MacOS X, I hear.

Anyways, I'm upgrading my Debian box from woody to sid now. Still on dialup so it'll take a while. Once I get the libs I need I'll continue working on Paleta.

If you've been using Paleta, drop me a line and tell me how you're using it.

Development hasn't stoped
 @113 - 11.07.02
Sorry for the lack of updates. I'll be working on the program again real soon(tm). I've been thinking about switching from python-gnome to wxPython to draw the widgets. It shouldn't realy be a big deal. The big advantage is that wxPython will use the native widgets of the respective OS it runs on. If on Linux, it'll still be using GTK+, on Windows it'll (use MFC?) look like any Windows app, and on MacOS X it should have that purdy Aqua look.

For all, this just means Paleta will run as a native app in Linux (GTK), Windows, and (maybe) MacOS X. For me, it means I loose all the advantages of glade and I get to type tons more code.

I'd like to hear your comments, suggestions and guidance on this. So feel free to drop me a line.

First public version (again)
 @183 - 21.06.02
Paleta is now in a workable state. I've exported a CVS snapshot and put it up for download (and I'm using it to write this now). You can get it at the Paleta project page. Keep in mind that this is only a CVS snapshot. There's still a lot to fix! Curently implemented features are
  • Add, edit, and remove log entries
  • Add, and remove authors
  • GUI date format editor
  • UTC/GMT and Local timezone option
  • iTime/.beats/swatch time suport
  • Files are stored as XML documents
  • HTML export
  • Option for maximum number of entries to export

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